How Media can Manipulate Our Viewpoint

18 12 2010

Apple Users behold the power of Command+Shift+4!

18 12 2010

I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Lamb for teaching me this most important key command!  That’s right, we’ve reached a point in our human computer history in which we celebrate key commands, the shortcuts of our lives!  Its been a wild ride this semester on the digilect and many of the photos I’ve used in my blog posts have been snatched, cropped, or better said command+shift+4’d in to my blogs.  Its a fabulous tool for stealing facebook fotos so till your ma and your pa.  Happy Blogging!

Old Media vs New Media: A Look at Analong vs Digital DJing

18 12 2010


These days DJing is becoming and old profession by modern standards of keeping time.  The person on the left is Jeff Mills, aka The Wizard, aka The Purpose Maker, from Detroit, creator of space is the place techno and considered one of the most technically gifted DJ’s in the world.  The man on the left is Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman, aka Richie Rich, considered one of techno’s high tech artists, always on the vanguard of new technologies and one of the first big names in techno to go, well, techno.  The positioning of black vs white DJ is intentional as well because in the realm of techno, a genre largely credited for being created by brothers in Detroit, Michigan, the black DJ’s usually are vehemently against the use of laptops for the purpose of DJing.  This can be called Analog Fetishism.  On the other hand many white DJ’s from Europe, not all by any means, have shown a much more open reception of DJing with the aid of a computer and now solely use this hardware to DJ.  This can be called Digital Fetishism.  In techno hierarchies it is not so quietly assumed that if you didn’t learn the art of DJing by playing with vinyl records first than your’re not a REAL DJ.  This creates for some tense conversation on technology when brought up with black Detroit artists.  Techno got its name in part from Toffler’s Third Wave which talks about “techno rebels” using technology against the programmers.  In its inception techno music was made with drum machines an samplers that were meant to accompany rock musicians that didn’t have backing bands, not young urban youth creating syncopated electronic beat music.  Thus it strikes me as odd that this same DIY attitude has not crossed over in to the view that many Detroit artists have on the technology behind DJing.  I still buy and love vinyl but when I DJ out I use my laptop.  I’m thought I was being more techno!

Facebook Ruins Families

17 12 2010

A young man in this great country was grounded when his sister Katie ratted him out to their parents, his crime?  The young sport was stashing some beer in his room.  He had this to say about it:

Following you will find the “hookup list” the young chap refers to in the fateful note above:

The above examples were posted on facebook, a social network site invented by TIME’s man of the year Marck Zuckerberg, even though he stole the idea from some Harvard All Americans.  Of course a comment war ensued:

In the early 2000’s I had a stupid motto I would blab out at parties to sound cool: “Myspace Ruins Lives!”  Most people wouldn’t laugh but a few times it me sound like that “different” guy to a few interested girls so I kept it in rotation for about two years.  The aforementioned examples give me cause to revise this motto to the title of this blog post.  The above digital destruction makes me glad I’m only child.  You can read on here.

Pursed Lips At The Pentagon: Wikileaks Takes Back the Net

17 12 2010

In this country the trappings of irony make for some humorous moments.  Fore example:

Those are the words of Pentagon spokesman Mr. Morrell.  He wants his papers back.  Mr. Morrell knows he’s not getting them back and that it doesn’t matter anyway because his papers are all over the globe taking up space on somebody’s computer.  The irony here can be found in recalling the birth of the internet: a creation driven by our military’s need to interconnect their big computers, all of which lived in stations and bases that were critical to national security which at the time was threatened not by fanatical terrorists but rather fanatical soviets.  That is to say that the internet was another creation spurred by the ingenious folks working for the military industrial complex, also known as the military entertainment complex, creators of the vocoder and war games kids sure love.  Wikileaks, or the good folks driving this train, remind me of the crafty techno rebels that Toffler spoke about in The Third Wave; high tech people living in advanced societal states of the information age (hey ma I think that’s us!) who would use the “technology” provided by the “programmers” against them.  Wikileaks does this by using the internet as the domain and mechanism in which their disclosures are presented to the world.  Wikileaks is taking the tool once invented  for the purpose of improving military communication to now disclose ultra-confidential military communication.  It inspires me that people do this sort of work.

The Future of the Action Flicks?

17 12 2010

Above is the trailer for “Batman: Arkham City”, an upcoming video game.

Having read Clive Thompson’s piece titled “The XBox Autheurs”, this immediately caught my attention even though I’m neither a video game nor a Batman (or any other superhero, for that matter) fan. Thompson talks about how “Machinema” or basically movies made by appropriating video games could stand up to actual animation feature films in future. Well, I guess the day has clearly arrived. While this is not the actual game and just the trailer (which is naturally expected to have graphics better/fancier than the game itself), there could be a solid case made for the argument that the video game industry has readily caught up with the professional animation film industry, in terms of graphic quality and technology. It is not a case of “Machinema and other fan fiction artists being more creative than professionals to make up for technical deficiencies and inferior graphics” anymore, they simply are at the equal grounds with the pros in terms of graphic quality. We should definitely expect more collaborations between the video game makers and fan-fiction artists in the future.

Snapz Pro x = Dangerous

17 12 2010

I don’t use mac computers, so this would have never occured me if it not for the final projects for this class. Did anyone else notice how sneaky could Snapz Pro X could be? It is an extremely dangerous spy tool for mac users: Once started running, it basically records whatever you do on your mac desktop in real time, and the person (the victim, more like) who uses the computer has a no way of knowing that it is running and also has a no way of accidentally stopping or finding a way out of it (You can halt the recording by hitting function+shift+3 simultaneously, which is no easy combination to find by accident and you can always modify that too).

This is pretty creepy.


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